Tree Services

Difficult Tree Removals Are Our Specialty

Difficult locations and oversized trees present a host of challenges for most tree care options.  Mid Ohio Tree Service has the resources available to treat or remove any size tree from any situation.  Whether it is pruning lakeside trees around Buckeye Lake’s stationed off barges, or plucking 200-year old oaks from between historic half-million dollar homes with cranes, Mid Ohio Tree Service has the experience to put your mind at ease.  The stakes are high with difficult tree removals.  Only entrust the work to the experienced, fully insured arborists of Mid Ohio Tree Service.  When tree removals are necessary, we strongly advise our customers to re-plant a new tree whenever possible. 

Complete Stump Removals

Stump removal is an important part of a complete tree removal operation.  In most cases it is handled as a separate work order for execution at a later date.  Using high-powered stump grinders that reduce the stump to a coarse sawdust, we grind the stump to below ground level.  We also recommend that you have us level the area, add topsoil and sod or seed the area.


24 Hour Emergency Storm Service

Storms tend to strike at the most inopportune times.  When a large tree or branch comes down on your property, you want fast, qualified service. Mid Ohio Tree Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle your emergency storm damage.  Our field arborists will prune and remove the debris, stabilize the tree and work to ensure the tree’s full recovery from damage


Corrective Pruning, Aesthetic Shaping & Enhancement

Keeping your trees safe, healthy and beautiful through an expert pruning program is one of the simplest investments you can make to your property.  This periodic removal of plant parts is done for safety, appearance, structural integrity, health considerations, and restoration after storms or other damage.  Proper pruning ensures the healthy development of the branch and root systems while reducing the risk of storm and wind damage.  Selective pruning enhances the aesthetic value of the tree by enabling it to grow proportionately and with the least stress to the tree.  Our consulting arborist will advise you on the best manner to prune your particular tree and give you recommendations for future pruning needs.  In addition, our tools are sanitized to prevent the spread of fatal diseases.  


After many years, trees can outgrow their original purpose and obstruct property views.  In this case, the professionals at Mid Ohio Tree Service can advise you of the least traumatic alterations to your tree that will maintain maximum property value and visual appeal.

Cabling & Bracing Systems

Wherever possible, we advise cabling systems be deployed to correct the structural integrity of damaged or diseased limbs.  While it’s not guaranteed, braces can usually be installed so they are inconspicuous, preserve the long-term health and overall appearance of the tree and are a good alternative to amputations.  Cabling and bracing systems can also reduce the risk of tree failures resulting from:

  • Naturally-occurring structural weaknesses
  • Storm and wind damage
  • Mechanical injury
  • Rubbing limbs
  • Long, heavy limbs

Properly installed cabling systems and braces are unobtrusive.  However, “out of sight” doesn’t mean “out of mind”.  Cabling systems should be professionally examined once a year and after each major storm.  A climber should thoroughly inspect the system’s anchors every five years. 

Protect Your Investment

Carelessness by inexperienced tree trimmers can have catastrophic results.  The Crews of Mid Ohio Tree Service are highly experienced and fully insured.  We maintain complete insurance coverage including liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to ensure you and your investment are well protected.  Copies are provided upon request.  To keep premiums low, our field arborists undergo regular and exhaustive training programs.  Our customers benefit from both our ritual training and our low premiums. 

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